Take a stand against online abuse.

Join us - let's Reclaim the Internet

"This is for everyone" - that's what Tim Berners Lee said when he invented the World Wide Web almost 30 years ago.

We want to stop online abuse including threats, misogyny, racism, homophobia and intimidation online. We've heard from teenagers bullied online, women targeted by rape threats, teachers subjected to sexist abuse by pupils and parents, people enduring racist attacks, smears and slurs.

This campaign is calling on everyone to make a stand against abuse. It is a new way to crowd source ideas and share experiences. And to build a campaign for action.

Forty years ago the "Reclaim the Night" campaign was launched to build a movement against harassment, abuse and violence against women on the streets. Now the Internet is our new streets and everyone should be able to feel safe and speak out online.

That is what this campaign is all about. Join us, and let’s Reclaim the Internet.

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