Inspire And Lead By Example

Who We Are?

We are a group of individuals, enthusiasts, supporters, experts, and professionals all working towards the same goal, and that is to bring people together, to spark a change, to fight back. We are here to fight against misogyny, sexist abuse, violent threats, and for our and your rights online.

Be Independent

Free yourself mentally, physically and financially from others. Don’t be a follower but don’t be an outsider either. Be independent and find your truth

Be Inspirational

Inspire other to change and to achieve. Lead by example and teach others how to stand up, speak up, and fight back. Be the change we all need.


You Can Learn From A Strong Woman

Strong women are those who can fight the problems, who don’t play the victim and do not point a finger. These women believe in themselves and their abilities. They are self-confident, independent, psychologically and physically strong. They regard each problem as a challenge. And the beauty is – anyone can be one.