The internet must be a forum for freedom of speech. But that also means that every voice should matter. It’s possible to both champion freedom of speech and argue for greater responsibility from everyone, so that voices aren’t silenced by abuse online.

Recl@im the Internet is a broad based campaign for action to challenge abuse online.

We want everyone be part of it. The campaign draws inspiration from the "Reclaim the Night" marches of the 1979s and 80s when women were warned not to go out after dark because they wouldn't be safe from harassment, abuse or violence. Instead women took to the streets together to demand change.

Now we want everyone to stand together online and demand change again.

For the first time Reclaim the Internet brings together media platforms, tech companies, campaign groups, think tanks, employers, trades unions, politicians, the police, teachers, students, journalists, public figures, youth organisations and young people to be part of a major campaign crowd sourcing new policies and action against abuse.

Please be part of it with us.

This website sets out some of the evidence on the kinds of abuse that takes place and who is affected - but not enough research has been done. Tell us if you've got more analysis and help us campaign for greater transparency and more research into the problem.

New research from the think tank Demos found that 10,000 tweets were sent from UK accounts in three weeks aggressively attacking someone as a "slut" or a "whore."

According to the largest teaching union in the UK NASUWT, over half of teachers report receiving online abuse from pupils and parents.

The Revenge Porn Helpline has received almost 4,000 calls in the last year, with cases as young as 11 years old.

Last month the Guardian’s ‘Web We Want’ series found that 6 of the ten regular writers who got the most abuse were non-white. According to charity TellMAMA the majority of islamophobic attacks reported to it are perpetrated online. And 159 cases of antisemitic incidents on social media were reported to the Community Security Trust in the last year.

This website also sets out the challenge and asks for new ideas and action in five different areas:

  1. The role of the police and prosecutors, and where threats and harassment become crimes
  2. The responsibility of social media and publishing platforms
  3. The role of organisations and employers
  4. The role for individuals - including support for victims and taking on the trolls
  5. Empowering and educating the next generation

Be part of the debate - we've set up a new discussion platform - it's a bit different from the normal forum - and we're asking people to get involved, put forward new ideas and upvote the suggestions they like.

And join us for a major conference in July to debate the results and the ideas that had come forward.

Already the following organisations are supporting and working with the campaign. Let us know if your organisation wants to be part of it too.

  • Fawcett
  • Demos
  • EVAW
  • Imkaan
  • Twitter
  • TellMAMA
  • Facebook
  • Stonewall
  • Google
  • TUC
  • Women’s Aid