Strong Woman Secrets: NEVER Apologize For This

It seems that whenever a woman is just saying her opinion, she publicly advocates a stand, or she is defending herself or someone else, it is often pointed out to her that she is rude, unbridled, too emotional, and more.

Strong-womanSince when is it negative to have an opinion? Since when the passionate became PMS? Do not let someone else tell you how you (should) feel, act, or talk. If you are not abusing someone, then you should carry on with what you are doing no matter the world. Do not lower yourself to help others in their quest to feel great and powerful. Don’t be mean is a common sense for every human, and – think and speak as you wish, is also. You can be strong and lovely/angry/charming/in love/alone… Whatever you wish and need.

Every person has a strength in them to take on the world. Do not hide yours from anyone. If somebody loves to give you constantly “a piece of their mind” while you are aware they are in the wrong, there is no reason to listen to it. Do not waste your time listening to nonsense just to make others feel intelligent, or important. If someone who is in the conversation with you, is not showing you the respect, there is no need to spend time in such company. It doesn’t matter if this person is always like that, or just with you. Because, you deserve respect and if someone has a non for you, you have no time for them.

Have you ever had someone ask you for a sincere opinion, and you answer them, and they get angry? You do not have to lie just for the other side to stay happy or because they can not stand the truth. You have a right to speak your mind especially when someone asks for your opinion. Do not belittle your opinions. Always choose the reality above the act of friendship. You will save yourself, but also the other most valuable gift – time.